Welcome to our photography studio membership programs designed to provide photographers, influencers, and brand creatives with access to our creative studio environment without the costs and headaches involved in owning your own studio. Our membership plans offer the use of our lighting, props, and equipment, eliminating the need to purchase lighting equipment or modifiers.

Also, our memberships come with significantly discounted rates compared to hourly or daily studio rentals. If you have any questions about our studio membership plans, feel free to message us.





Your membership includes access to our studio with the following equipment and facilities:

– 2 x CITI600 Pro TTL strobe light battery-powered flash (500W)
– 1 x Motorized Background
– 1 x 225cm Wheeled Column Stand
– 1 x LED Panel Bi-Colour Kit
– 2 x Poly boards
– 1 x 238cm Tube Stand Heavy Duty
– 4 x Sandbags
– White/Grey Seamless Background
– 1 x 90cm Deep Umbrella Softbox
– 1 x 120cm Recessed Octagon Softbox
– Styling & Makeup Table
– 1 x Clothes Rail with Hangers
– 1 x Steamer
– 1 x Ironing Board
– 1 x Iron
– Bespoke Makeup Station/Mirrors Changing Booth
– Wi-Fi
– Bluetooth Speaker
– The studio has its own toilet
– On-site parking

Please note that the equipment and facilities available may be subject to availability and can be updated or changed without prior notice. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


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